05 juillet 2015

DT call pour Colourarte

English post will follow

Aujourd'hui, j'ai un post un peu différent pour vous. J'ai eu envie de participer à l'appel DT pour la compagnie Colourarte et pour ce faire, je devais créer un projet unique utilisant leurs produits et créer un post sur mon blog ce qe je  fais en ce moment même. C'est un plus pour vous car le projet devait être décrit en pas-à-pas. Vous avez donc un projet avec toutes les étapes pour le réaliser. J,en profite pour donner le lien du blog de Colourarte, si vous avez envie de connaître plus la compagnie et les produits ainsi que de voir les beaux projets réalisés par le membres de l'équipe créative actuelle.

Blog de Colourarte

Colourarte's blog

Today, I'm sharing with you a special project, made exclusively for the Colourarte DT call. I've wanted to try my chance to be part of a great team for a great company. The call asked for a totally new project with step-by-step instructions and using a painting technique on the project. So, I've made a scrapbook page with a simple technique I will call "faux-fresco". If you want to know more about Colourarte and their wonderful team, you can click on the link above (right next to the logo).

Now, let's move on to the main subject!
Maintenant, poursuivons avec le sujet principal!

For my page, I started with a 12x12 watercolor paper (I use Strathmore 140lbs). I sprayed some Radiant Rain mister in Peach Fuzz ( Colouarte store) through my stencil. I didn't cover the entire sheet, I just went a little random. Before moving to the next step, I also stamped some random background images to add texture. I used black permanent ink.

It's now time to choose your colors of Twinkling H2Os you are gonna use (check all the colors available here). Here, I went with Mint Julep, Solar Gold and Tahitian Blue to go along the color scheme of my patterned papers I will use later. Using a water mister, activate the paints by spraying a good amount of water. Let it soak while you proceed to the next step. That way, you will end up with rich and creamy colors.

It's now time for my "faux-fresco" technique. Real fresco is an ancient technique use by artists consisting on painting on a thin layer of wet plaster. The paint is absorb by the plaster, making it more durable. Here, I kept the idea by simply painting on my modeling paste before it was dry. To do so, I recommand you to work on a small part of your project at a time to avoid your modeling paste becoming dry before you have time to paint over it. The final result will be very soft and almost matte. Only the mica powder in the paint will remain on the surface. 

To start, apply some modeling paste through a stencil, again I went very random. 

Then, using your Twinkling H20s and a paintbrush, start applying color on the wet paste. Since it's still wet, you have to be careful not to push too hard or you will loose some details in your paste. you can mix colors. You can also spray more water on top to help the paint to flow. Let dry or speed up the process by using a heat tool. Repeat those steps on your page until you're satisfied.

Once everything is dry, it's time to assemble the page. For mine, I teared the middle part of my sheet away. 

On a separate sheet of 12x12 white cardstock, I glued a piece of patterned paper larger than the space left between my two teared pieces. 

Then, I put two layers of foam tape under my watercolor paper and glued the top and bottom parts in place on my cardstock. 

I filled the space between the two torned edges with feathers, chipboard pieces, patterned papers, laces and flowers. I then glued the edges on the pieces.

To add definition and texture to my photo mats, I used a dry and stiff paintbrush with Black ice Silk glaze ( find it here ) to paint along the edges of my papers.

To add interest to some of my flowers, I used my Twimkling H2)s again. 

As a finishing touch, I used the Hunter Gray Twinkling H20 ( find it here) under some of my elements to make them "pop" off the page. 

So, here's a picture of my final layout and some close-up shots. I've added some more elements, some random stamping and some droplets of paint using the Twinkling H20s and a round paintbrush. 

I really hope you have appreciate my work today. I'm looking forward to inspire you! 

J'espère que vous avez apprécié mon projet aujourd'hui. J'espère bien vous retrouver bientôt afin de continuer à vous inspirer!


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